Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just for Aunty Jess' Sake

This blog has kinda gotten away from me a bit, and what started out as a private journal at an adoption forum has turned, in less than a week, into a 2000 hit experience. My dearly loved sister has pointed out that I have done a very poor job of introducing the entire family.

This is Greg. Greg is 13 years old and a really amazing kid. Yes we realize how good looking he is. Yes we do find this rather scary. Add to that he is smart, athletic and responsible and you have a mother who is terrified that he is starting high school in September. Greg has played AAA hockey for several years. He will be attending an International Development Tournament, as a great honor, in August. And, in case you noticed, he just got back from meeting his first family in Missouri. Greg was born in St. Louis and joined our family when he was 4.

This is Eric. Eric is 12 years old and is Greg's full biological brother. Eric has a killer smile which is always flashing across his face. His personality might best be described as "fiesty". Eric loves all sports but especially enjoys hockey. Eric loves having a 'fro and spends much time each day picking it out. He is entering grade 7 in the fall and joined our family when he was 3. Eric has had some struggles dealing with his past, and the way his brain learns, and he works very, very hard to deal with the deck life has dealt him. We are VERY proud of him!

This is Tanner. Tanner is almost 11 and has the sweet and gentle personality of his dad. Tanner is a pretty quiet kid unless you get him alone, at which time he talks non-stop. Tanner is the hockey goalie of the family. Tanner's main struggle in life is Seasonal Affective Disorder which he has dealt with since he was 5, and severely since he was 7. Because we live in the North and deal with long nights and short days in the winter, this is something we carefully monitor. I'll talk more about that later. Tanner is going into Grade 6 French Immersion in September, and grade 10 math. Yeah, he is a quirky kid. Tanner is our biological son and was born in British Columbia and was 22 months old when his brothers came home.
This is Caden. He loves EVERYONE and EVERYONE loves Caden. Caden is 7 and might best be described as a pepsqueek, snuggle bug, cuddle kid, or sweetie pie. And, ah, did I mention that he is my baby and maybe a tad spoiled? Caden loves life, loves his brothers fiercely, loves to learn, loves to laugh and especially loves to cuddle his mama. Caden was also born in BC 18 months after his brothers came home and enriched our lives in every way. KK (as we call him) will be entering Grade 2 at Eric's school in September.

This is my beloved husband, Shel. Shel and I have been married over 14 years now. I am blessed to be married to a gentle giant of a man who loves his family with his entire being. He is my strength on the days when mine fails me. He is calm, rational and supportive and willing to do anything for our family. I am very, very lucky that he has stuck by my side through thick and thin. Shel was born and raised in the states, and immigrated to Canada as a young man and is now a citizen of both countries.
This is me (well except now I am blond and older). Jen. 34. Mom, wife, daughter, sister, adoption forum junkie. I have been a part of the online adoption world since 1999 when the boys arrived. We lived in the middle of nowhere and were dealing with some pretty tough issues. I NEEDED the support, and you, my online friends, provided me guidance, friendship and support. I am passionate about adoption education and integrity in the adoption process. I love my kids with all my heart and being their mom is ALL that matters to me.

And for good measure, Annie, our Jack Russell Terrier. 5 years old. And because of her we no longer get mail delivery to our home. Can't you tell how fearsome she is? Stupid Canada Post.


Anonymous said...

seriously your JRT caused mail delivery to stop...and how did I not know you had a JRT...that is the tops of my list for a dog for the email me more about her and her shedding and how she is with the boys.

Unknown said...

Well she was a rescue dog, and had some training to do when we first got her. SO yes, she did scare our mail lady with her barking.

She is a great little dog. Active, but plays with the boys. Doesn't shed much (short, short hair and little dog) and a great family dog. I would do another JRT again.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for posting the reunion blogs...I rarely cry but every time I read a new post I got teary eyed thinking of you and your son. I'm thinking good thoughts for you and your whole family.

Pip said...

I love your dog .... fancy like doing a swap with a poor excuse of a rottweiler who likes beds and snores.

Jennifer said...

I <3 you Jen!! So glad I know you!!!