Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday. All Day.

The day I make some new best friends.

I awake at 7:30 and sneak downstairs to the business center to update my journal here. Greg is sleeping.

I update. I read my personal messages. I feel supported. I am so thankful I have friends who have either walked this journey themselves, or will walk it one day with their child. I am thankful that people are willing to listen to my little story. It helps me be ready to face another day.

I wake Greg up at 9 so we can go have breakfast together. He is calmer today after our talk last night. Connected again. "We" are back on track. This really helps me be ready for our day.
We hang out waiting for a call to say everyone is up. The girls are on a different schedule and dont wake up until 11 am.

Greg and I put together gift bags. Canucks "hockey rules" bags. Canucks logo tissue paper. I hope they understand that I picked what I could to help them know Greg better. I fill the bags with little items ... Canada T-shirts, Smarties, Canada pencils, balls, sweat shirts for the girls. Framed pictures of the boys.

A bag for brother contains reggai bobble head dolls that I have put each of the boys faces on. Greg is mortified. I hope now that I know brother that he will think they are funny. He has a great sense of humor. Turns out I am right.

A bag for grandma. I almost write a note to include to assure her ... of what I dont know. Its hard on me when people don't like me. I want to reassure her. To make this experience a pleasant one for her. I dont know how. I hope the small gifts are a token enough.

A bag for sisters. T-shirts, sweatshirts, balls. I have so many gifts for sisters I am bringing them one at a time. The building toy I brought yesterday was a huge hit. Later today I will give them their hockey Bratz dolls. For now, the clothing will have to do.

A bag for L and her husband. She already has her album. Mostly its small token items and some framed photos.

A bag for Aunt and her family.

We get the call at Noon. Time to go over to the house. I have a chat with Greg that I want him to try to interact more with the sisters. He grunts but I think he hears me. I hope he does.
We arrive bearing gifts. Its amazing how that breaks the ice.

Everyone seems happy. Brother laughs hysterically at the bobble head dolls. I figured.
We were going to head to the Go Kart Track but it was still closed so an impromptu decision to head to the Capital Buildings was made.

Greg seems much more relaxed on this visit. The girls, the little girls are THRILLED to see me. Cuz, age 10, is also thrilled. All 3 beg to ride with Greg and I.

I wonder how it makes L feel to watch me drive away with her daughters, our son and her nephew. I wonder if she notices the irony.

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