Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saturday Evening.

I have had a bit of time to think.

Sr. didnt look like Greg. I mean some things did - their hands, their feet size. But really? The pictures we had made him look like Greg's clone ... and now, I see that's not true really.
Sr. was very concerned that Greg had a clean cut haircut and didnt have braids. I dont know why but it came up several times in the course of the visit. Bothers me a bit. I learned on Sunday that the gangs in prison are identified by their hair. Clean cut - one gang. Braids - another. Sr. -- Sr has braids.

Drove with DebiP to the restaurant. Foster mom, dad and family are sitting there - Greg realizes its been 8 years since he has seen foster dad. Seems important to him on this day. We run (ok I run, Greg saunters) over to say hello.

A lovely visit -- meeting the new additions to their family, trying to include others in our conversation. Nice dinner. Winding down now.

Feels good to be with people who have no expectations of me. No emotional demands of Greg and I. Just good friends and strangely, strangers who feel comfortable.

Off to the city museum. Foster mom and dad decide not to come. We will stay with them Sunday night so no real need to force a visit when their kids are too tired for the play aspects of the museum.

Off to meet McKenna, LambeauSam, dragging along an exhausted OpenAdoptMom, and DebiP's kids raring to go. Greg by now has crashed. I think we are both so drained and exhausted.
The mom's visit. DebiP's dh shuttles kids all over the place. Greg doesn't stray far from my side. Too tired to try to make new friends today. Nothing much left to give.

Moms all settle into a "cozy" area (ok it was a metal structure but it was quieter and we could chat). Talk and laugh. Talk and laugh. More talking. Greg finally takes off with McKenna's little C. What a cutie. Saw some smiles now from Greg.

Couldnt get over ALL the multiracial families at the museum. Everywhere I looked there were families with obviously adopted children. My internal dialogue makes note that St. Louis is a WHOLE LOT more integrated than I remember it being.

Turns out, the night we choose for our "Night at the Museum" is an adoption agencies family
gathering. We are joined by 500 other adoptive families. No joke.

Finally we crawl into bed around 11. Openadopt mom and family join Greg and I in our hotel room. We are so tired.

Supposed to meet DebiP for breakfast at 8:30am. That's 6:30 am home time.
I am awakened by Openadoptmom at 9. Oooops. I race to dress and rush downstairs to make my apologies to depiP and family.

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