Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prayers Please

Sometimes real life is just hard.

My grandma is back in the hospital. We love her so much. We miss her even more. She needs to be back in BC with her family, yet for many complicated reasons, she's isn't. It's not our choice. And now she is sick, and we are not there. I hate this. I hate feeling so helpless. And I love my Nan more than you can imagine. I need her even more.

A life long friend is sitting by the bedside of her mother who is dying of lieukemia. I am far to far away.

Another life long friend is sufferring from Lyme in a way that is robbing her and her family of so, so much.

Two people I care about dearly are about to have babies.

I miss my friends. My family. I want to multiply myself to be where I am needed.
And I live in the middle of nowhere. Far, far away.


Anonymous said...

You are everywhere in spirit...your friends and family know it...we can not do it all...what your doing now being with the kids after having been gone so long is EXACTLY where you should be. But that doesn't make it easier...prayers for you friend.

Anonymous said...

Jen - I understand the feeling of being too far away when all you need to be is close. Let me know if I can do anything. Love you....

Anonymous said...

Jen - being the friend sitting with her mom who is dying from leukemia I have to say that I always feel you near sister of my heart. Thank-you for the prayers and the text messages... I know, without a doubt, you're there when I need you! In fact, you're there when everyone needs you - how do you do that anyway??? Your presence is always felt by those you love whether you're here or in that place near salmon arm. Hugs!