Thursday, July 17, 2008


Had a brutal travel day. Was stuck in O'hara for 5 extra hours. Helped a woman who went into premature labor. Held her hand. Waited for the paramedics. Why do these things always happen to me? Greg just kept rolling his eyes.

THEN, met a family on their way home from China with her new little girl. Total firecracker. Had a good conversation about attachment parenting. Her mom said all the right things. Made me feel good to know that somewhere somehow people are learning.

Arrived very late at the hotel. Was glad to have DebiP to text during the wait and she was waiting for us at the hotel. Missed the whole pool party though.

Ordered in Pizza and Wings with Greg and crashed. So, so tired. Couldn't sleep. Took a sleeping pill. Awake at 6 am. 4 am my time.

Woke up Saturday morning. Ready for our big day.

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