Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saturday Morning. July 12, 2008

Greg and I went down to breakfast where we met up with DebiP and family. Oh my word such cuties. Lovely to meet them. Debi's dh even seemed to take in stride the idea of meeting "internet weirdos" in person. Greg was quiet. Preoccupied maybe? I was stressed to the max.

We left around 9:50.

It was a long and silent drive. Found some familiar Christian music on the radio. Was glad for something that might bring us a bit of peace.

Got to the prison. A nervous wreck at this point. Greg is grouchy. Touchy. We talk 15 pictures of the prison from the parking lot. Think maybe Eric would like to see what it was like.
We walk in. Its CLOSED. Another 15 minutes to wait out in the car. More stress. More sweat.

And why is it I forgot about the humidity?

Finally its open. We are first in line. Fill out the form. Hand over my identification. Try not to look terrified. Am completely terrified.

Finally we are ushered through the metal detectors. Escorted down a hallway. Through multiple sets of double doors.

Into a cafeteria type room packed with inmates, children, wives and mothers. Heartbreaking and overwhelming at the same time.

And we wait. And wait. We watch every other visitor be matched with their inmate. And we wait. And wait. And wait. Over an hour and a half of sitting there. And no visit. $25 spent in the vending machines. 2 drinks each. We are both sick to our stomachs.

Finally I approached the idea with Greg that maybe he wasnt going to come. How long did he want to wait? I HAD called his warden the week prior. Sr. KNEW we were coming. And still he wasnt coming down for the visit. I couldn't believe all this way and he wouldnt come out.

What would I say to Greg? How would I EVER explain this to him?

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