Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Capital Adventure

We drive to the capital buildings. Greg in front with me. His sisters and cousin in back. Its surreal.

Arriving at the capital buildings we snap some group and individual photos. Its a beautiful day.
We head inside and tour the museum. Greg walks alongside L at times and I think they are joking intermittently. I am glad, because, as it turns out, thats their only direct interaction all day.

As we explore, sister C (age 3) attaches herself permanently to me. She does not let go of my hand the whole day. Sister L (age 6) alternates between Greg's hand and mine. Finally, she settles on Greg when she realizes she gets his whole attention.

Aunt comments that cuz told her last night "Jen is my best friend".

We get a very private tour of the Capital buildings. An uncle through marriage works in the building. Although aunt and L are all too scared to go, I take the kids and Greg and we head to the highest level. Greg gets to sit in the Speaker's Chair. Sits on the floor (I dont know the american term ...) of the legislature. They laugh when I insist he sits on the Democratic side. They tell him they have ordered him Obama shirts. He rolls his eyes and points at me. We laugh. I think of the forums.

So far all is good. Greg is enjoying his brother, interacting with his sisters. A good day.
We head to KFC for lunch. The boys (big cuz, Greg and brother) sit at one table. L, her sister,

Sister L and little cuz sit at another.

That leaves Little Sister C, still attached to my hip, Grandma and I to sit together. It gives us a chance to talk. Things are seeming to be better. We talk abotu Eric. How he isnt ready. I dont think they understand. I just say he isnt ready.

In a strange turn of events its decided that L, Aunt and Grandma are going shopping. All the kids clamor and beg to stay with us. I leave with two sisters, two cousins and a brother to my son. I am baffled at how comfortable they seem with this idea. I am thankful.

We return to the hotel room. We play. We swim. We snack. Its fun. The kids are all comfortable in my presence. The girls make some comments that I store in the back of my head. Greg and I will talk about them later.

As we play, I am thrilled to hear them calling "Greggy Greggy". Its a fun 2 hours. The boys have a blast together. The girls enjoy all their one on one attention from me, and love getting attention from the boys. These kids feel like family. I would wonder how they feel about us if I could pry them from around my neck. I think they like us. I am sure they do.

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