Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who Has Time for Deep Thought

Miss Curious is quick. Q-U-I-C-K.

I am old and slow and tired. (or at least older, slower and taking less naps than she is)

Last time it was Rice Crispies. In case you wondered, a family size box of Cheerios is easier to clean up than a family size box of Rice Crispies.

Either way, our cereal bill has gone up.


Jenny said...

I can remember that happening a few too many times around here as well. I think it was Hannah's way of protesting the arrival of her baby brother. Either way, I felt like we should have bought stock in Kelloggs.

Anonymous said...

She is a little hurricane! Jen, do I need to send you a case of coffee?

Tudu said...

I feel you. My little one managed to get into our pantry room to dump an entire bag of grits one day and corn meal the next. It only takes seconds and the damage is done. Then the issue is an asthma attack b/c of the dust. Crazy thing, she does it to herself.

Kuchenmeister said...

Our cereal lives up high now. Can you guess why?

Di said...

Never a dull moment in the Nickel house. Glad you stopped for a min to take a photo - we have one where the 3 girls got into 4 viles of glitter. We laugh now, Royd was NOT laughing then. 8 hours to clean it up..... That was one saturday I was happy to be at work! (take Momof3 up on the case of coffee!)