Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camping, Common Sense Style

We had sun, wind and rain. Plenty of fun toys to keep the kids busy, and plenty of friends to enjoy the weekend with, and plenty of time to just relax. Some new friends, some old friends and a couple birthdays to boot. Caden quickly decided that riding the tube with his big brothers was a scary, scary experience.
Tanner got thrown from the tube three times. And loved every minute of it.
Greg had lots of practice being the super cool 13 year old he is. And then we would tease him mercilessly about it.
Eric loves the wind in his hair on the boat, almost as much as his dog does.
Tanner wouldn't get out of the water. 5 long water skiis later we told him that was enough for today. And of course, we just sat around and did nothing. Right.

Ended the night with s'mores, glow sticks and sparklers. A perfect camping trip, again.


Anonymous said...

a man with a farmer tan..I got one of them too...

Looks like the weekend was a perfect fit for all..

I love Eric with the wind in his hair!!! You look happy to be at home...

skirbo said...

What a lot of fun that had to be. Glad you had a great trip.


Lala's world said...

looks like a total blast

Anonymous said...

Well needed fun, looks like y'all had a great time. Regina