Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our HOME and Native Land

We are on Canadian soil. Too tired for words tonight, but wanted you all to know we were safe and sound.

Met a grandmother high on crack this morning. A great grandmother really struggling.

Found out Eric was named after a first cousin shot at age 15 in a gang war. Found out another first cousin was also killed at 15. Now know that several of their male cousins and all uncles are in jail.

It was tough. ESPECIALLY when Great Grandma detailed over and over again to Greg how she had tried to get custody of the boys but "they" (as in the social workers) wouldn't let her.

In her telling of the story, she "forgot" to mention the outstanding warrent she had, and her own previous charges of child abuse that precluded her from being able to take custody of G and E all those years ago. Unfortunately, that meant I had to share those previously unknown to him (but in his file) details with Greg after our visit.

Greg was even thrilled to see Tanner tonight. But not as happy as me. 2 in my arms. 2 more tomorrow. I will update some thoughts tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Jen I am glad that you are safe and sound at home...take a deep breath and internalize all that you and Greg accomplished and then blog it so as to NEVER forget it. What a learning and wonderful experience you provided for Greg. Even if you didn't always see it as positive it was, things you saw as painful made him stronger and more able to stand firm next time...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, Glad to hear your home safe and sound. It sure will be nice to have all of your family under one roof.
what a Journey you two have been on.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.